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Add-On Tracks

This section will have all the extra tracks that have been made, including Swaffham and Arena Essex!

Freddy's Tracks
Freddy has made three tracks for the game - Swaffham Raceway, the Big Dirt Track (a.k.a. Smallfield II) and a Carma1 conversion!
Swaffham Raceway
The Norfolk track has currently been closed for a while, but with the approval of NickM (UKDirt and BangerRTG maker) he was able to take the files from UKDirt and convert them into an S.O.D. track! Download the track by clicking the picture below.

  Don't forget to download Dalags figure of 8 conversion lower down the page.

Big Dirt Track
Although not given a specific location, the track has been given the description of the infamous dirt-banked Smallfield Raceway, despite it being in the game already. The track is actually very old - it was made between 2000 and 2002, but was not included in the full game due a variety of bugs. Download the track by clicking the image below (ooh, scenic!)

Figure Of Hate: The Rebirth v2.0!
Freddy took the race circuit from the first Carmageddon game and modified it so that it can be played in S.O.D.! However, the track is not perfect because it has no map, therefore you have no opponent status at the bottom of the screen. Also, cheat codes don't work on it, so you can't disable the timer. Despite these faults, the track is awesome, especially the race circuit (which you can get to by either driving up one of the barriers or go through the little gap on turn 3)! This is an edited version to the original one. Coffeycup put in some tip able cones and tyres to spice thinks up abit. Click the image below to download the track!

Marcel's Tracks
RCBanger's Marcel has also contributed to the cause by donating 3 Benelux tracks and probably the most famous banger track in the country - Arena Essex!
Warneton Raceway
The Belgian track, based outside the Wallonian town of Comines-Warneton, is one of the most-known continental tracks, and provides hard-hitting action! To download the track, click the image below!

This Dutch dirt track, based near the town of MariŽnvelde in the Achterhoek area of Gelderland, Netherlands, can produce some startling stunts and shunts (God, I sound like a raceway commentator now)! Click the image below to download the track!

Special thanks to Emiel Salebrink (brother of RCBanger's Marcel!) for providing the information about this track - it's actually the De Vijverberg stadium of the Dutch football/soccer team De Graafschap (that's why the styilised g (which is the club logo) is in one of the stands) based in Doetinchem, also in the Achterhoek area of Gelderland. Marcel probably changed the name of the stadium so he wouldn't get sued! Click the image below to download the stadium!

Arena Essex
Released in May 2007, this UKDirt conversion of the infamous Essex track is possibly one of the most realistic tracks that anyone has ever made for Carmageddon 2, let alone S.O.D.! To download the legendary circuit, click the image below!

Coffeycup's Tracks
CWABoard member and admininstrator coffeycup has made two tracks for S.O.D. - a modification of Marcel's Warneton Raceway and his own stadium!
Warneton Spectator Mod
This Warneton modification adds spectators to the track, albeit the pits, so sometimes they run onto the track and get splatted by the oncoming cars. It looks like that they're dying for a ride! To download the track, click the image below!

Coffeycup Stadium
Coffey's second track was a track that he made in GoogleSketchup that he did not give a name for. So I've commemorated the track to him! It features a nice, banked oval and a grandstand. This is the edited version that works!! Thanks to Dalags who removed the spectators, the tracks works spot on. Click the image below to download the track!

Dirty Track Deux
As SOD started to pickup abit and begin to get popular Coffey decided to make a fictional track. Includes water splashes, smash able tyre barriers. Click the image below to download the track!


Brampton Raceway
This track owes thanks to Coffey and Husky for there hard work on creating the track in such a short time. Turnip through the task up on the CWA board of making this track and here we have it. Enjoy! Click the image below to download the track!

Dalags Tracks
Another of the Ovalchatters that are trying to keep S.O.D going. Has done many skins and now trying his hand at tracks.

Swaffham Figure of 8
Dalags successfully converted Freddy's Swaffham Track so you can race in a figure of 8 style ! You can pull of some monster follow ins across the centre and into the posts. Click the image below to download the track!

Turnips Tracks
Yet another of the Ovalchatters that are trying to keep it going. Turnip is working on quite a few tracks and up to date has released two for us to use. One of which needs abit of editing and will no doubt be re-released in due corse.

Warton Raceway
This is not the finished article by any means Turnip released this Beta edition before he went away on holiday. Track looks very good and can produce some great crashes! Click the image below to download the track!

Timmy76's Tracks
Timmy has only done one track up to now but who knows what else could come from another of the keep SOD alive fame. 

Wimbledon Old Skool Raceway
Timmy decided to re-skin the original Wimbledon track and replaced the tarmac track with a shale surface, thus giving it the effect of racing back in the good old days.


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