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The main S.O.D game that most people has on there computer is version 3.2 which is one the easiest version to start using. This is a RECOMMENDED DOWNLOAD, please click the link below to start the download


The Downloads below are the original files which are complicated to set up etc.

If you are editing the game then maybe the below files will come in handy.

Data Files For V1

The original version of Seduction of Destruction was so compact it was split into 4 files. These were:

  • Data
  • Cars
  • Interface
  • Tracks

Some cars made their only appearances in this version, e.g. Terry Pitches and Darron Austin, and so they should be converted to different file names so that you can play them in the latest version.

Here are the files:

V1 Cars: HERE

V1 Tracks: HERE

V1 Interface: HERE

V1 Data: HERE

S.O.D. V2

The only place you could find a WORKING .ZIP-file version of v2 before was on WASTED!, which is MUCH better than the crappy system of downloads courtesy of Crashocalypse, which would lead you to shout "WHAT THE HELL - IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK!!!" when you found out that the .ZIP file was corrupted!

Like v1, the second version has cars & drivers which aren't in the newest version of the game. This version includes Derek Caton in a hearse, complete with coffin!

Download it HERE!

S.O.D. v3

This was the precursor to the ever-popular v3.2. a.k.a. the one most people have (including me).

v3 is barely different to v3.2., the only real difference is that some cars have gone and replaced by others (for example, Carlos Perez lost his Blooz Boyz Ford Granada Mk1 in v3.2 and got a shiny new Toyota Crown with a gold roof instead, Nobby is in Stinkbridge colours in v3, etc.)

Download it HERE!

S.O.D. v3.2

This is probably the most used version of S.O.D., due to its easy way of playing it (you just have to extract it to start playing!) This version includes 85 cars, and the additions from SoD v3 are:

  • Derek Jones in a Vauxhall Carlton
  • Carl 'Carlos' Pears in a Rover P4
  • Alan Morphet in a Rover P5
  • Steve 'Smosha' McEvoy in a Mk1 Granny Limo
  • John 'The Rev' Dodge in an Austin Westminster
  • Alan Davies in a Chrysler Newport Custom Estate
  • Carlos Perez in a Toyota Crown Late Model (hence, the Ford Granada Mk1 is no more)
  • Dan Steele and Martin Scully in Mk1 Granny Coupes
  • Sonny 'Mushy' Sherwood in a Mk1 Granny Coupe Limo
  • Dave Nichols in a Mk2 Hearse

Surprisingly, this pack did not feature the two download only cars of Simon Needle in a Mk2 Hearse and Mick Gedney in a Datsun 200L (Laurel). These resurfaced onto the net (after the original S.O.D. closed in 2004) about 8 months ago on the UK Dirt forums.

S.O.D. v4

Although not used as much as v3.2, version 4 (or 3.5 as it has also been referred to) has all the tracks and cars from v3.2 plus the v4 'expansion pack' of 11 cars. However, when you download the expansion pack or v4, please be wary that the Mark Thompson Zodiac Mk4 Limo WILL NOT work unless you download THIS file - extract it to the location of your S.O.D. folder.


All cars, skins and tracks copyright to there respectful owners. Website Copyright To Dippy400