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This section will have many different links which show the source of some of the downloads on the site, and where to go to talk about S.O.D. If you know any decent SoD related sites that ar'nt here don't hesitate to contact me.

http://the-sod-forum.co.nr - the forum is also linked in the navbar - this forum is the only specialised place to talk about S.O.D.

www.ovalbangerchat.co.uk - No Doubt the Best Banger Racing Forum on the Internet - has a SoD SubForum in which allot of new cars and tracks are announced there first. 

www.bangerracing.tk - home of the spectacular cars made by Marcel

http://eabangers.tripod.com/bangergamemayhem/id23.html - EABangers' skins for S.O.D.

http://web.onetel.net.uk/~joesmithson/tcpage.html - Joe Smithson's skins 

http://www.cwaboard.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php - The CWA Board mainly focuses on Carma 2 mods but the occasional SoD related file comes up on there.

Utility Links
These links are various utilities that you'll need to download the files off this site, and to perform modifications to S.O.D. itself!

http://www.winzip.com/ - WinZip is for most files on this site (mainly the ones ending in .zip), although they can be used on .rar files too!

http://www.rarlab.com/ - WinRAR can download .rar files (although WinZip can download them as well!) It's advisable to download both programs in case you want to make a .zip or .rar file for any reason. 

Mapstockalypse - required to put tracks into the game. FULL instructions are inside the .zip! 

PlayThing2 - The official C2 car textures editor, PT2 is needed so you can edit vehicles within Carmageddon 2. It's a very tricky program, but once you get the hang of it, you can do whatever you want with it! For help, download this tutorial, courtesy of thesprayshop.net: http://thesprayshop.net/dls/playtext.zip 

CarEd - Like PlayThing2, CarEd is also used for editing cars, but instead of jsut editing them, you can make your own cars with it as well! As with PT2, this is an icredibly tricky program to use, and here is another tutorial from those guys at TSS: http://thesprayshop.net/dls/CarEdtutorial.zip. You also need the Java Runtime Environment for it: http://thesprayshop.net/dls/jre-1_2_2_011-win-i.exe.

Fraps - A useful screen-capture tool used for recording or collecting images within certain games. It can be used for S.O.D. as well!

For more tools, go here: http://thesprayshop.net/carmadls.shtml

All cars, skins and tracks copyright to there respectful owners. Website Copyright To Dippy400