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Re-Skinned Cars

This page will have skins that various people have made. As skin making is a lot more easier than making a separate car, there are many skins that I don't have. If you have a skin that you don't see on this page, send it to me via the front page contacts with the driver's name, number, car, nickname and team they race for (the last two are optional if they don't have a nickname or aren't in a team).


As these skins were not made by Freddy, all skins WILL overwrite other skins meaning you lose that driver. In some cases, the cars may be separate but since they have the same file ending as a normal car (e.g. jaguar2) then when the original car appears, the addon car takes the form of the original car. This is known as 'cloning'. It's also advisable not to install lots of cars from this section, as this will cause your S.O.D. game to never start up again due to the number of cars you have in the game occupying one model.

In this section, a driver that gets replaced by the mentioned skin will be in square brackets: []. A driver who does not get overwrote, but can 'clone' themselves (see above) will be in pointed brackets: {} . A driver who doesn't overwrite anything will have no brackets.

Dalags Skins
The S.O.D nut has a wide range of skins. The first which are listed below are his early ones and his honesty are no worth downloading. But like most people he got practice and his now turning out some pretty decent skins. Alot of skins were requested by Sam off Ovalchat which seemed a never ending task so they are also on here.
Dalags now has a copy of Adobe Photoshop so expect the quality of his skins to get even better.
Older Lower Quality Skins
  • 455 Rickey Finney of Team Stinkbridge [Dave Nichols] - Ford Granada Mk2 Hearse - Click HERE to download!
  • 474 Matty Threkeld of Team V [John Nicolson] - Ford Granada Mk2 Estate - Click HERE to download!
  • 450 Glynn Platts of Team Stinkbridge [Alan Morphet] - Rover P4 - Click HERE to download!
  • 454 Dan 'Mad Dan' Thompson of The Mob [Dave Nichols] - Daimler DS420 Limousine - Click HERE to download!
  • 591 Marc Blower of the Levellers [Mark Reason] - Rover P5 - Click HERE to download!
  • 191 Joe Zarkos [Paul Totham] - Ford Granada Mk1 - Click HERE to download!

Newer Best Quality Skins

199 Jamie 'Bona' Wyatt of Posh Wash [Eric Raats] - Ford Granada Mk2 - Click the image to download the car!
283 Brian 'Webby' Webb [Steven 'Turkey' Birkett] - Volvo 240 Estate - Click the image to download the car!

917 John Millen [James 'Mr Grumpy' Dillon] - Rover P5 - Click the image to download the car!
592 Mark Marchant in his Legendary Blockbuster 4 2002 Toyota Crown that was horrendusly ripped apart by 2 Yanks! Overwrites Sean Winchester



450 Glynn Platts [Geoff Bowen] - Mk2 Granada - Click the image to download the car!
221 Justin 'Motor Mouth' Riley [Maddog] - Volvo 240 Estate - Click the image to download the car!

51 Simon Hields [Finbarr] - Jaguar XJ6 - Click the image to download the car!
998 Wayne 'Cotty Jnr' Cottrill [Sonics Jag] - Jaguar XJ5 - The jag has mud behind the wheels aswel. Click the image to download the car!

521 Ashley 'Ace Ash' Riley [Turkey or Webby] - Volvo 240 Estate - Click the image to download the car!

33! Simon 'Legend' Reeds [Roy Rawlins] - Lincoln Limo - Click the image to download the car!

11 Darren 'Daft Daz' Race [Martin Scully] - Granada Coupe - Click the image to download the car!
7 Keith Greenwood [Paul Totham] - Mk1 Granada - Click the image to download the car!

602 Shaun Cooper [Limbo] - Wolzy - Click the image to download the car!
19 Dove Toe Joe Mullarky has a Volvo 740 Estate. It overwrites the Krulleman666 Volvo and would be advisable to download as krulleman isnt a real life driver. Click the image to download the car!

776 Ady Groom [Freddy Glover] - Datsun 260c - Click the image to download the car!
528 Alan 'Jethro' Hunt [Dave Nicholls] - Mk2 Granada Hearse - Click on the image to download the car!

79 Ricky 'Twelly' Twell [Matt Fuller 188] - Mk2 Granada Saloon - Click the image below to download the car!

499 Phil 'Plod' Rainsford [519 Terry Hierons] - Wolseley Limo - Click the image below to download the car!

Kezza's Skins
Kezzas skins are very well done and are probable the best add on skins for download at the moment. The details on each car are some of if not the best in the game.

Richie Ahern in a Merc Ambulance. This will override Peewees Ambulance. Click on the image below to download! 


Marc Blower of the Levellers in a Jag XJ6. This will override Alkos jag. Click the image below to download!

 Matty Threkeld of Team V in a Mk1 Coupe Limo. This will override Mushy's limo. Click the image below to download!

Mr Mints in a Rover P4. This will override The Warlord Spikes P4. Click the image below to download!

Billbob of the Condoms in a jag XJ6. This will override Sonics jag. Click the image below to download!

Callum100's Skins
The Gary Greenland skin looks awesome especially as it is his first one. The skin will overwrite Nutty Nige's Crown. Click the image to download the picture.

Joe Smithson's Skins
The 'Weymouth Wallies' fan designed many skins between 2000 and 2002, most of which were British drivers, but some were continental as well. Due to the amount of skins he made, they will be set out in a table format. Click on the images to download the cars.

528 Alan 'Jethro' Hunt [John 'Eno' Nicholson] - Ford Granada Mk2 Estate

47 Andy 'Android' Green [Rob 'Grippa' Baker] - Ford Granada Mk2

211 Barry Sims of the Blooz Boyz {Darren Feltham} - Ford Granada Mk2 Estate*

162 Brett 'Bad Boy' Ellacott [Stuart 'Dino' Cummings] - Jaguar XJ6*
311 Danny Smithson of the Weymouth Wallies {Paul 'Gizmo' Totham} - Ford Granada Mk1*
796 Dave Steeds of the Wacky Racers [Barry 'Yobbo' Simpson] - Ford Granada Mk1
190 Dominic 'Bubblegum' Gumbleton of the Wacky Racers [Wayne Morphet] - Jaguar XJ6
724 Gus Carter {Stuart 'Dino' Cummings} - Jaguar XJ6*
317 Joe Smithson of the Weymouth Wallies [Simon 'Bernie' Byrne] - Triumph 2000
198 Marcus Goldsmith of the Wacky Racers [Geert 'Limbo' Roubroeks] - Wolseley 6/110
355 Mark Simmonds of Team Mental [Darren Feltham] - Ford Granada Mk2 Estate*
202 Mike 'Kilf' Kilford [Roy 'Retard' Bramley] - Ford Granada Mk2
159 Mitchell 'Rubble' Mills [Lee 'Dogga' Lawson] - Ford Granada Mk2
199 Phil Powell [Nigel 'Nogger' Hopkins] - Ford Granada Mk2 Limousine
361 Rich Scriven of the Weymouth Wallies [Shaun Rushton] - Ford Granada Mk2
404 Rob Mills [Carlos Perez] - Ford Granada Mk1 
396 Scott Mowlam of the Weymouth Wallies [Jason 'Boxer Jack' Jackson] - Jaguar XJ6^

517 Scott Weldon of the Warlords [Mark 'Jumbly' Reason] - Rover P5 
172 Simon 'Bernie' Byrne [Darren 'Daz' Askham] - Ford Granada Mk2'
551 Simon 'Moley' Whant of the Blooz Boys {Dave '5 Eyes' Walsh} - Ford Granada Mk2
332 Chris 'Reedy' Reed {Jack Overy} - Datsun 280C
282 Lee 'Uglee!' Treasurer {Mark Holdsworth} - Jaguar XJ6
835 Paul 'Head On' Hinkley of the Brighton Bears {Nigel 'Nutty Nige' Riley} - Toyota Crown*
521 Ash 'Ace Ash' Riley of the Brighton Bears {Nigel 'Nutty Nige' Riley} - Toyota Crown* 
885 Morice 'Mr. Cumshot' Katier of the Boogiemen {Dave Nichols} - Ford Granada Mk2 Hearse'
141 Paul Korpiella of the Messers {Nigel 'Nutty Nige' Riley} - Toyota Crown*"
242 Ricky Korpiella of the Messers {Mark 'Polo' Boulden} - Datsun 280C Estate"
12 Rob 'Mr. Knox' Kox of RAL 6005 {Nigel 'Nutty Nige' Riley} - Toyota Crown*  
31 Holger 'Tiffy' Terweide of Team Headless {Justin Woolner} - Ford Galaxie'
130 Markus 'Macke' Haverkamp of Team Headless {Jon Ayles} - Ford Granada Mk2*
30 Martin 'Sgt. Slaughter' Middleman of Team Headless {Jon Ayles} - Ford Granada Mk2 Estate
72 Burkhardt 'Hammer' Pietsch {Paul 'Gizmo' Totham} - Ford Granada Mk1*
158 Shane Davies of the Condoms {Paul 'Gizmo' Totham} - Ford Granada Mk1*'
213 Marc 'Woka' Watkins of the Demons {Stuart 'Dino' Cummings} - Jaguar XJ6*
331 Jason 'Boxer Jack' Jackson of the Midnight Runners {Darren Feltham} - Ford Granada Mk2 Estate*'
007 Ian 'Dangerous Dill' Laws [Mick Gedney] - Datsun 200L (Laurel)
  * If you installed every car from the above section (which would probably break your game anyway), then the following models would be capable of 'cloning':

Darren Feltham's Ford Granada Mk2 Estate:
  • 211 Barry Sims
  • 355 Mark Simmonds
  • 331 Jason Jackson

Stuart Cummings' Jaguar XJ6:

  • 162 Brett Ellacott
  • 724 Gus Carter
  • 213 Marc Watkins

Paul Totham's Ford Granada Mk1:

  • 311 Danny Smithson
  • 72 Burkhardt Pietsch
  • 158 Shane Davies

Nigel Riley's Toyota Crown:

  • 835 Paul Hinkley
  • 521 Ash Riley
  • 141 Paul Korpiella
  • 12 Rob Kox

Jon Ayles' Ford Granada Mk2 Estate:

  • 30 Markus Haverkamp
  • 130 Martin Middleman

^ When I installed the cars marked with a ^, they didn't work on the game. This may have been due to an error within the files (after all, they have been up for 5 or 7 years). I advise you to download these cars with caution.
' As with some of the cars on the 'Cars' page, if you want to remove some of the repeated drivers for realism, then don't download the cars if you want 2 Morice Katiers or 2 Shane Davieses in 1 race
" With these cars, Joe mistook the information about these models, as Paul's car is a Toyota Crown and not a Datsun 280C, and Ricky's car is a Datsun 280C Estate, not a 300C. 

Joe re-emerged onto Ovalchat in September 2005 under the alias of "joeyvegas371", but still has some more skins to show, including 49 Billy King of the Condoms, 589 Simon Smith of the Gladiators, a working file of 274 Ruben Simmonds, and also reskins of some of his early work, including 162 Brett 'Bad Boy' Ellacott and a LOT more Weymouth Wallies are in the game too! Expect to see these on the site shortly!

02/12/07 UPDATE: I have been informed by Joe's brother Danny that he has lost internet access due to not having a phone line, but he has been meaning to contact me about this to make his apologies. Danny has told me that he should have access in the next few days or so, which means you will see these brand new skins soon!

04/12/07 UPDATE!: Joe has informed me himself that he will be able to send the cars on Saturday (08/12/07) - expect them up here on the weekend or next week!

EABangers' Skins
This group of three made a few skins for S.O.D., but they now only concentrate on playing Banger Heat. They released 5 skins, although only one of them has been accessible due to the site not being updated since June 2003. The skin that you can download from here is 560 Steve Ward of the Gladiators {Gary 'Magic' Madgewick} in a Ford Granada Mk2. Click HERE to download.

Auto-Rodeo.nl's Skins
This Dutch site took some of Marcel's cars and modified them without his permission. They even hosted some of his cars as well! The site made three skins, as the rest are just stolen from RCBanger.tk. To download the cars, click the images below.

53 Ben 'Big Ben' Holtrop of RAL 6005 - Volvo 240 Estate [Michael 'Maddog' Howard] Xmas Trophy Edition!

31 Holger 'Tiffy' Terweide of Boneshaker - Ford Escort Estate [Jürgen 'Bad Igel' Adams] (As with some of the cars before, it's advisable that since there are 3 different models of Tiffy, that you only use one of them in the game, unless you want 3 Tiffys in one race, which isn't even realistic!)

99 Stevie 'Steevie' Van Goethems of RAL 6005 - Ford Granada Mk1 [Carlos Perez]

danthebangerboy's Skins
Daniel Clarke, a.k.a. danthebangerboy, another Ovalchat native, added two new Gypsy Crew skins into the game - 85 James Ellis [Carlos Perez - Ford Granada Mk1] and 285 Sean 'Mr. Misery' Dyer [Steve 'Smosha' McEvoy - Ford Granada Mk1 Limousine]! However, he did not get the file names correct. The best advice for this is to extract the files somewhere else and then move them into where your S.O.D. game is located. To download the two skins, click either picture below! (It's advisable to remove Marcel's if you have both of these installed, as it will look unreal having two James Ellis' in one race!)


Daniel has also released a skin of 22 Dave Vincent [Dave '5 Eyes' Walsh] in a Ford Mk2 Granada. He originally made the car without decals, but finished it off by adding decals (pay particular attention to the bonnet decal - it shows that S.O.D. is STILL getting popular!) To download the non-decal version, click the image on the left. To download the decal version, click the image on the right.


Dan's fourth skin is of CAMSO native and Bangerteam Blitz driver 69 Frankie 'Red Admiral' Whitelock [Neil 'Druggie' Peters] in a Jaguar XJ6. Download the skin by clicking the image below!

Daniel's fifth skin is of Mildenhall regular 14 Colin 'Babyface' Lacey [Mark Boulden] in a Datsun 280C Estate. Click the image to download!

Dan's sixth skin was requested by Dazza330, and is of Team ASBO member 380 Brad 'Bradderz' Evans [Nick 'Nicko' Allam] in a Volvo 240 Estate. Click either image to download the car!


Dan's eighth skin is of Gypsy Crew member 273 Kevin 'Mad Mouse' McClagish [Carl 'Carlos' Pears] in a Rover P5. Download the car by either clicking the side shot or the impressive bonnet!


Daniel's ninth skin is of 939 Steve 'Peanut' Moore [John 'McWibbs' McWibberley] in a Daimler DS420 Hearse, modelled on the one raced at Firecracker 16 at Arena Essex on 4th November 2007. Click the pic to download the car!

Dan has hit double figures with his tenth skin, and fourth Gypsy Crew skin, of 15 Lee Weeks [Tom 'Mr. Turbo' Reynolds] in a Volvo 240 Estate. Download the skin by clicking the image below!

Dan's eleventh skin in total, and first request by 13 Darren 'Hulk' Kingston, is of Hulk [Pat 'Sonic' McPhilemey] in a Jaguar XJ6. Click the image below to download the car (the image shows both sides of the car!)

Skin number twelve, which is probably the best one Daniel has done, is of Team Stinkbridge member 99 Tom Jordan [Andy 'Psycho' Holmes] in a Ford Granada Mk2. Download the car by clicking the picture below, which shows the quality of the skin!

This skin is for 402 Phil 'Filo' Cleveley who sadly passed away after fighting cancer for sometime. It was decided on Ovalchat that a skin should be made in memory of this greatly missed gentleman of racing. This car overwrites Colin 'Soinc' Dicken. Click the image below to download.

DAZ_10's Skins
Daryl Simmonds, a.k.a. DAZ_10 of Ovalchat, has made some skins for the game. These are of 24 Dave O'Sullivan [Roy Bramley] in a Ford Granada Mk2 and 10 Lee Simmonds [John 'The Rev' Dodge] in an Austin Westminster. To download the cars, click the respective image below!


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