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How this page works

Right, the way this page works is pretty easy to be honest.

It will be split into 2 sections: Official Addons (by Paul "Freddy" Glover) and Unofficial Addons (by other people).

If you don't know how to download and install the cars, go HERE.

Official Addons

These addons were made by S.O.D. creator Paul "Freddy" Glover. This means that all these cars will work with S.O.D. without the requirement of changing file names, and the game shouldn't crash if you install them (although I did discover that with Mick Gedney's Datsun 200L (Laurel) and Simon Needle's Mk2 Granada Hearse the game used to crash, but this rarely occurred. The problem was fixed after I received the original download files, courtesy of cap on Ovalchat). I will order the cars in chronological order (the order that they were released).

Alan Reed

Although not originally an add on (the car was in the very first edition of S.O.D.), the car was released separately under the name of "Unlimited Banger". The car is a Chevrolet Coupe, although the model is unknown. Download the car by clicking on the picture.

Andy Holmes

Another car revived from S.O.D. v1, this car is not meant to be used with S.O.D., due to the fact that Freddy modified this version from the S.O.D. one for it to be suitable to use in Carmageddon 2. However, since it's an S.O.D. addon in its own right, I've decided to include it here. Download the car by clicking on the picture.

Mick Gedney

The first separate add-on car for S.O.D., released in November 2002, depicts 186 Mick Gedney in a Datsun 200L (Laurel) in Crash Co. colours. Download the car by click on the picture.

Simon Needle

The second separate add-on car, also released in November 2002, depicts 70 Simon Needle in a Ford Granada Mk2 Hearse in Crash Co. colours. Download the car by clicking on the picture.


There was then a period (about 4 years) where no official addons were released from Freddy. However, this all changed when rumours of version 4 were released, which promised all new cars and tracks! Disappointingly, Freddy lost it all in a hard drive crash, although he was able to salvage 12 new cars and a re-skin. The pack was released in September 2006. These cars are:

  • 2 Jon Bricknell in a Volvo 240 Estate
  • 91 Dave 'Beech' Beauchamp (R.I.P) in a Vauxhall Carlton Saloon
  • 882 Mark Thompson of the Gits in a Ford Zodiac Mk4 Limousine
  • 188 Matt 'Smoker' Fuller of the Midnight Runners in a Ford Granada Mk2
  • 158 Shane Davies of The Condoms also in a Ford Granada Mk2
  • 720 Matthew 'Rog' Rogerson of the Bong Gang in a Ford Granada Mk2 Hearse
  • 451 Will Blackwell's Ford Granada Mk2 Limousine Estate re-painted in Team Stinkbridge colours
  • 10 Paul Whiteman of the Midnight Runners in a Toyota Crown (Late Model)
  • 400 Kevin 'Shinny' Shinn of Team Aftermath in a Datsun 200L (Laurel)
  • 67 Mark 'Sparky' Whittaker also in a Datsun 200L
  • 331 Jason 'Boxer Jack' Jackson of the Midnight Runners in a Jaguar XJ6
  • 295 Graham 'Havoc' Heywood also in a Jaguar XJ6
  • 294 Alan 'Tarny' Tarn in a Vanden Plas 3L

Download the pack by clicking the picture.


The program in the file is an .exe file. Upon installation, 'SoD 4 addon cars' will appear in your start menu and "Add / Remove Programs". You can delete the one from the start menu, but under NO circumstances should you remove it from "Add / Remove Programs", as this will corrupt your game and cannot be played until you either remove the cars from the game by using Carstockalypse or you reinstall the 'SoD 4 addon cars' pack. You also require THIS file, as without it the 882 car will not work.

After this, three extra cars were released separately at the end of 2006.

Paul Glover

The game's creator, Paul "Freddy" Glover, converted a Datsun 260C that he had used in the online game UK-Dirt into S.O.D. (under the number 55). Within the download, though, was a separate Datsun 260C that could be used for anyone to make into whatever car they wanted. There was also a competition on after the release of the car for people to submit their designs to Freddy and the car would be made into a new car for S.O.D. However, this never arose. Download the cars by clicking the picture.

Dave King

Within the release of the above car, a suggestion was made that 206 Dave 'Kingy' King should be included as a 260c driver as well. Freddy made this suggestion a reality, and shortly after he released his own skin, Dave King was also released as a separate car. Download the car by clicking the picture.


Brian Cope

The third car to be released from Freddy before the start of 2007 was a conversion of CWABoard member Toshiba-3's Opel Rekord Coupe, in the style of 303 Brian Cope, due to the fact that he races extraordinary material! Download it by clicking the image.

Mike Kilford

Since Carmageddon 2 Online was announced, Freddy has been getting back into the S.O.D. spirit. But since he can't get 3DSMax working on his PC, he's had to resort to car modification with PT2. This is of 202 Mike 'Kilf' Kilford's Ford Fairmont that he raced at the 2004 Standlake Heavy Metal Classic. The model was adapted from Qwerty86's Ford Fairmont Police Car (which can be found on Crashocalypse) to be a banger. If you have downloaded the Mike Kilford skin, then it's wise to remove that car from the game in aid of realism. Download the car by clicking the image.



Keith Godden

The newest model released, this is an adaption of Econobrick's Checker Cab, in the colours of 262 Keith 'Buster' Godden which was raced at Firecracker 16 on 4th November 2007 at Arena Essex, and is reportedly the only Checker Aerobus Estate Limo in existence (there have been rumours that the US Checker Cab Club wanted to buy it back off him!) Download the car by clicking the image below!

Simon Reed

One of the most recognised drivers in the sport finally finds his place in SOD in what other than a Cadillac Hearse, matching the caddy hearse that just wouldn't die! Download the car by clicking the image.



Unofficial Addons

These cars weren't made by Freddy, therefore if your game crashes due to these cars then you only have yourself to blame. It's also advisable NOT to install too many of these addon cars as this will cause the game to cease to function (or crash if you don't know what that means - and not the good kind either!)


Marcel's (RCBanger.tk) Cars

Marcel (a.k.a. marsman208 of RCBanger.tk) is a Dutch modeller who has provided the S.O.D. fan base with some of the best-looking cars that have ever been made for the game. He has also made four tracks, one which was converted from NickM's UKDirt track with his permission. On the original release, however, these cars had alternate physics to the actual S.O.D. cars, and because of this very strange things were reported to happen (including driving over other cars!). When he redesigned the cars, people said that there had been many improvements. The site has been hosted many times, but the http://www.rcbanger.tk/ link WILL always, if not, link to the actual site. Due to the amount of cars that have been released by Marcel, they will be shown in a table format. As usual, click the picture to download.

N.B. All the drivers except for the generics, the Warneton Start Car, "Krulleman" and "Sierraboy" have all had their actual driver names found (some harder than others!)

100 Generic Driver 1 - Opel Manta'

101 Generic Driver 2 - Opel Manta'

67 Kenny Priem of Team Woodland - Opel Manta

32 - Generic Driver 3 - VW Scirocco'

92 Denny 'Spider' De Boer of Blue Forces - Dodge Charger

137 Jürgen Adams of Boneshaker - Ford Escort Estate*^

190 Jan 'Hunter' Verhoeven of RAL 6005 - Chevrolet Caprice

757 Johan 'Jo de Mannen' van Rysselberghe of Zomby's - Ford Granada Mk2 Estate

259 Geert 'Limbo' Roubroeks - Ford Granada Mk2 Estate^

10 Emile 'Milo' Luyben - Dodge Challenger R/T

885 Morice 'Mr. Cumshot' Katier of the Boogiemen - Dodge Aries Limousine^

13 Pieter 'Peewee' Leistra of the Muppets - Cadillac Fleetwood^

286 Phillipe 'The Butcher' Van Troys of Team Woodland - Chevrolet Suburban
13 Pieter 'Peewee' Leistra of the Muppets - Mercedes-Benz Ambulance^
406 John 'Bifi' Gillis of The Wussies - Volvo 740 Estate
80 Evert 'Diekie' Dijk of Blue Forces - Ford Granada Mk2
785 James Ellis of the Gypsy Crew and Bangerteam Blitz - Ford Granada Mk2 
351 Kevin 'Sir Kilalot' Huybrecht of Zomby's - Ford Fairlane
83 Robert 'Nasty' De Boer of Blue Forces - Chevrolet Caprice Hearse
Warneton Start Car - Ford LTD Brougham Pickup'
63 Eric 'Mr. Pino' Raats of RAL 6005 - Ford Granada Mk2
44 Richard 'Appie Hein' Steeghs of Bangerteam Blitz - Volvo 740
5 Andreas 'Randy Andy' Vettermann of the Boogiemen - Ford Granada Mk2 Estate
60 Ton 'Terminator' Van Haaren of RAL 6005 - Toyota Crown^
2 Patrick 'Den Bruurs' Bruurs of RAL 6005 - Lincoln Continental
666 Krulleman - Volvo 740 Estate'
667 Sierraboy - Volvo 740 Estate'
890 Leszek 'Pavaroti' Malinowski of Team Woodland - Ford Country Squire Estate
523 Kevin 'Fast Ernie Jr.' Oonk - Ford Granada Mk2 Estate
650 Geert Hoekman of Scorpions - Ford FK300 Ambulance 
754 Dave Nichols - Daimler DS420 Limousine^
137 Jürgen 'Bad Igel' Adams of Boneshaker - Volvo 245 Hearse^
31 Holger 'Tiffy' Terweide of Boneshaker - Ford Granada Mk2
740 Arjan 'Rampower' Potjes -Volvo 740 

Pieter "PEEWEE" Leistra 613
1949 James Young Bentley ^

"The Thug" 721 team the BEARS
Chevy Caprice

' You can change the names of these drivers however you want

* If you install the Holger Terweide Ford Escort Estate skin, it will overwrite the Jürgen Adams skin.

^ For these cars, it's advisable to remove one of the cars that the driver drives that can also be downloaded, as it would make no sense for the same driver to appear twice in one race (you can do it if you want if you don't care about realism).

Unknown Maker

A car was released onto the S.O.D. scene courtesy of NutcaseNunny from Ovalchat, which depicted 252 John 'McWibbs' McWibberley in a Daimler DS420 Hearse. Unfortunately, no-one knows who made the car! If you are the maker, then please contact me via the front page. To download the car, click the image below!
N.B. The car does not have a CI (CarImage) folder, meaning that no pictures will come up when you try to select the car.

danthebangerboy's Cars
Daniel Clarke has made his first S.O.D. car - a conversion of Autopilot's Volvo 240 Saloon in the colours of Gladiators member 549 Phil Smith! Download the car by clicking the image below!

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